Book cover design services

Hi, I’m Laura Read. I have over eight years’ experience in graphic design and I’m an author as well, so I know what it feels like to be looking at a book cover as both a designer and writer. A few months ago I started working on book cover design, and I want to build up my portfolio, so at the moment I’m charging just £100 for a simple ebook cover.


How I work with clients

If you’d like to work with me, we’ll go through the design brief together, and I’ll ask you lots of questions about your genre/s, characters and settings, so I know what your story is about to help me choose the perfect image/s. Sometimes it helps if you send me examples of covers that you like in your genre (as well as covers you hate!). I’ll come up with different options for you to choose from, and you can give me feedback at every step of the way – communicating with clients is important in my work and I want you to be completely happy with your cover.


Book cover design

Below are some of the covers that I’ve designed already, including for myself.

My book cover for Deadly Sins won the Bronze Award for the 2017 Book Cover Contest.


Deadly Sins - book cover designForbidden - book cover designGrace-book cover design


Testimonial by author Stephen Makk

‘I find Laura good to work with; she’ll work with your ideas but tell you when something doesn’t work and suggest a better idea. She’s an author too, so knows what you’re trying to express. My sales have improved since I had my covers redesigned. I know you won’t be disappointed with her work.’



Prices start from just £100 for a simple ebook cover (not including the cost of any image/s used. I ask authors to buy stock images themselves so they can use the images for any future promotional work – e.g. on social media, ads, websites, banners at book fairs or book signings, etc). I offer discounts on:

  • Series that use the same book cover design/branding.
  • Clients who want more than one cover.
  • Creating adverts and images for social media if I’ve previously designed your cover/s.
  • New covers for previous clients.


Get in touch

Want to work together? Please get in touch with me at and tell me about yourself, your writing and the cover/s you’d like me to design. For example, let me know the title and genre, if you’re a new author or you’ve published other books, and if you want an ebook, paperback and/or hardback, as well as any optional extras such as adverts and images for social media.

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