I’m really excited to reveal my new release: Caught in a Lie. It’s the first book in a romantic suspense/political thriller series and only took me a few months to write (unlike my first book, which changed several times over several years).

I’ve learned so much since publishing Deadly Sins (read about my last book launch here) and I feel more confident as a writer, having overcome my previous need for perfectionism. Now I know how important plotting is too, and I make sure to jot down a brief outline before starting to write. Also I love my ‘word count goals’ – I get a strange amount of satisfaction finishing a chapter or writing 2,000 or 3,000 words in a day.

About my new release

Caught in a Lie book cover for new releaseCaught in a Lie is about a woman who’s been tasked to seduce a political candidate she slept with years ago. Julianne is single, rebellious and has a luxurious lifestyle because she’s dated various rich men over the years, whereas Thomas is married with kids and going through a mid-life crisis. The book alternates between their different points of view, although they share a few unexpected similarities. I loved writing in first person, especially from Julianne’s POV: she’s bitchy, selfish and hates the corporate world in which Thomas works.

Want to read the book? It’s available now on Amazon. Click here to get your copy.

What’s next? I’m debating whether to write book two or a prequel novella set before Caught in a Lie, which I’d use as a reader magnet (a free book to entice people to sign up to my email list). I have 3,600 readers on my list now, and they’re such a nice group who send me lovely comments about my writing, and they provided really helpful feedback on my second book. I know from my sales dashboard that over 4,000 people have Deadly Sins on their Kindle, and it’s an amazing feeling knowing that so many people have read something that I’ve created. Hopefully just as many people will read my next book too.

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